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This section contains infomation relating to the businesses originating from the first company established by Astor Birri, which was AG at Brentwood, and which was founded in 1985, to those which came after it.


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Birri Businesses
Astor Birri began by laying the foundation of the Birri Group in 1985, with the creation of AG at Brentwood - now AG Brentwood, and next with Finders Worldwide (1990).

As the Founder / Chairman / CEO / President and Director of Operations of the Birri Group, he is responsible for setting the overall direction of the company - present and future.


1985 til the Present

The First Group Member - AG Brentwood - was founded in the U.S.A. in September of 1985 as "AG at Brentwood" in the Brentwood / Westwood areas of Los Angeles, California. It was incorporated November 22nd, 1994 as "AG Brentwood, Corp.", also in California.

AG develops a master plan for the development of businesses to focus on Seven basic needs we all as beings here on Earth have.

The first phase of the master plan goes into effect when Birri's first name sake business - Birri - was founded in March of 1999. It was Delaware Chartered May 09th, 2005.

AG Brentwood, Corp. was re-incorporated (Delaware Chartered) in Delaware August 19th, 2002 as "AG Brentwood, Corporation".

Birri conceived of the following brands: Finders Worldwide; Browse on; Bag of goodies; For; to (do); Adult Quarters; Kanoco; InterStelNet; Monesbat; AG B Net; AG B BDS; TraNet'te; Zurrba; Runner Delivery; and The Shoppers Market Place.

Most were incorporated during this period.

Planning and Research surrounding the development of most of these Brands happens.

2015 til Present
Development and Administration underway of most of these Brands as New Start-ups. Some are based out of Silicon Valley (Mountain View and Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.).

From October 02, 2016, the second phase of the master plan comes into action with the incorporation of Astor Birri, Inc., and others throughout the balance of the 2016-2022 calendar years.

The third phase of the master plan begins in the year 2023 with operations set to begin with not only our core and namesake businessses, but also many of our start-up companies such as For; to (do) Inc's Fortodo LLC, and also Getzigo, LLC.


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